Died writer Larisa Vasilyeva, who discovered the secrets of the Kremlin wives

Скончалась писательница Лариса Васильева, раскрывшая тайны кремлевских жен Figure of literature and President of the Museum complex “History of tank T-34” died Tuesday at the age of 82 years. Friends Larissa Vasilyeva share memories about her on social networks. The condolences to relatives of the writer and poet is joined by the Moscow mayor’s office.
Скончалась писательница Лариса Васильева, раскрывшая тайны кремлевских жен

On 83-m to year of life has died the poet, novelist and playwright Larissa Vasilieva. Sad news reported by the journalist Catherine Christmas.

“Went Larisa Vasilyeva, a poet, a writer, a friend of the parents. She was from the Pleiades, from shestidesiatniki, a good, kind and right person. Only recently talked to her about my father, remembered about the joking, good-bye she gave me your books. Goodbye… I didn’t think this parting is so close…” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Скончалась писательница Лариса Васильева, раскрывшая тайны кремлевских жен

Vasiliev was also President of the Museum complex “History of tank T-34”. Colleagues of the writer spoke about her.

“Until the last days of his life, the President of the State budgetary institution of culture of Moscow “Museum and memorial complex “History of tank T-34″ Larisa Nikolaevna actively engaged in their child. Her last meeting with the visitors was held on February 24. The memory of an outstanding person with an active life position, will remain forever in the hearts of those who in life were lucky enough to come into contact with Larisa Vasilieva” — this message appeared on the website of the Moscow city hall.

Users of social networking sorry for someone Vasilyeva and remember her work. She wrote more than two dozen poetry collections, a series of essays “Albion and the mystery of time” novel-memoir “the Book of the father”. In 1993 she published her book “the Kremlin wives”, telling about the spouses of the Soviet leaders. The work Vasilyeva became a bestseller. Four years later, Larisa presented related work “Children of the Kremlin”.

Larisa Vasilyeva was born 23 Nov 1935 in Kharkov in the family of the head of the tank design Bureau of Nikolai Kucherenko. From an early age she started getting into literature. The first poem Vasilyeva was published in the newspaper “pioneer truth”. Later it was printed in the journals “Young guard”, “Youth” and “Moscow”. In 1958, the writer graduated from the philological faculty of Moscow state University. The work of Larissa Nikolaevna translated into several foreign languages. Since the 90s Vasilyev actively involved in charity work and social activities.