Died who starred in the films “twin Peaks” and “Kill bill” actor Michael parks

Скончался сыгравший в фильмах «Твин Пикс» и «Убить Билла» актер Майкл Паркс

77 year died the famous actor Michael parks, star of “twin Peaks” and “Kill bill”.According to the representative of the artist James Shulman, the actor died on may 9 in Los Angeles. The cause of death is not yet established.

Michael’s film career lasted more than fifty years, during which he starred in more than a hundred bands and shows. The hour of parks came in the 60s when he starred in the film “Wild seed” and the TV series “Then came Bronson”. Under the sunset of his life, Michael has collaborated with Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez, and starred in the film “From dusk till dawn”, “Kill bill” and “Tusk”.
May 10, Kevin Smith remembered Michael on his page in the social network.
“I hate to report this, but I have. My cinematic Muse Michael parks died. Michael was probably always will be the best actor I ever knew” — wrote the Director.