Скончался Владимир Зельдин Movie star died on 102-m to year of life. Over a long period of time Vladimir Zeldin received treatment in a military hospital. Last week there were reports about emergency hospitalization. At the weekend he was transferred to the Institute Sklifosovsky.

      Скончался Владимир Зельдин

      Vladimir Zeldin died on 102-m to year of life. By words spouses of the actor, he was in the intensive care unit of acute endotoxicosis Institute Sklifosovsky. For several months the actor of the Central academic theatre of the Soviet army suffered from kidney disease.

      Previously, the wife Zeldin Yvette E. said that he doesn’t feel well. When media wrote about the emergency hospitalization of the movie stars, the wife denied this information, explaining that her husband was treated in a military hospital. Weekend woman confirmed that Vladimir was transferred to the Institute Sklifosovsky.

      “As Vladimir Mikhailovich average. Can’t say that it feels good, but more or less stable. It really was transferred to another hospital, but I honestly don’t know what is the reason, but the doctors know best, once such decision was made. The probability that he will get better there, surrounded by theater people and those with whom he now plays in the play. Let’s hope that soon he will be better,” said Ivette E. “StarHit”.

      According to media reports, last week the actor was hooked up to life support machines. Doctors used the best efforts to rescue the artist. However, the treatment did not help.

      Earlier, Zeldin has already had serious health problems. In August 2015, the actor is in the hospital after she broke her hip. According to numerous publications, Vladimir tripped and fell. State of the artist estimated as heavy. The doctors decided to perform the surgery under anesthesia. Older actor was able to recover after an event and return to the theater.

      Despite his advanced age, Vladimir Zeldin continued to play in productions. The actor starred in 40 films, but most viewers remember his roles in the films “Uncle Vanya”, “pig and shepherd”, “the Princess and the pea”, “carnival night”, “Woman in white”. In October 2013 participated in the Olympic torch relay, becoming the oldest torchbearer in the history of the Olympic games. In September 2016, was one of the artists involved in the concert at red square dedicated to the celebration 869-anniversary of Moscow.