Died Vera Glagoleva

Умерла Вера Глаголева According to unconfirmed information, the national actress of Russia has died from cancer. His last days Vera Glagoleva spent abroad. Fans of the star can’t believe her passing and dedicate the actress posts on social networks.
Умерла Вера Глаголева

Today appeared information about the fact that he died 61-year-old actress Vera Glagoleva. Sad news to journalists, said the sources close to the celebrity. Later it was confirmed by the relatives and friends of the star. The details of what happened to the actress, is still unknown. Originally appeared information that the actress died in the United States. However, later the spouse of a celebrity Kirill shubsky has denied these rumors and said that his wife was not in this country. Later a version of that for some time Glagoleva was treated in Germany, near Baden-Baden. It became known that now the relatives appealed to the Russian Embassy, which is located in Frankfurt am main.

Faith Glagoleva buried in Russia

Users of social networks dedicated to the actress posts, in which I remember her best role and want to rest in peace. They can’t believe in Vera Glagoleva. Most recently, the artist participated in the work on a new project directed by Alexander Kott. Now the film is in production.

The daughter of actress Nastassja Subsky did not hide the tragedy that occurred in her family, and told followers on the social network.

“Our favorite… Unique and the only… there are No words and no strength… You’re near, and we feel it,” she wrote.

Spouse Nastasia Subsky, the famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin was quick to report the tragic news to subscribers. “Our favorite Vera Vitalevna. It is impossible to believe and realize! Love you and will always love!” – wrote the athlete.

Visit the eldest daughter Vera Glagoleva Anna Papatowai in the social network appeared some changes. Woman has updated the profile photo and the cover is black squares. So did the middle daughter Maria nahapetova. Apparently, this is the way they decided to Express the sorrow that fills their soul. Friends hastened to Express their condolences. Anna made an account in Instagram to explain his position.

“We ask all media representatives to this tragic period of our life, to refrain from any comments and leave our family alone. If you truly loved our mother just pray novopaschenny servant of God Faith,” asked the daughter Glagoleva.

A friend of the deceased, the actress Elena Proklova been aware of the sad news. According to the woman, that did not belong to the number of people who have publicly talked about their problems.

“She radiated an exceptional light”: relatives and colleagues remember Faith Glagoleva

“The last time I saw Vera at the film festival last year, – said Elena with “StarHit”. With her so much is our youth, the shooting of “the Last hero”… I’m in shock. Of course, the rumors that she’s sick, went a long time, but Faith have not confirmed. She was such a person, about whom they say, a thing in itself”.
Умерла Вера Глаголева

According to some, the last years of his life Glagoleva struggled with cancer. In an interview with “StarHit” the eldest daughter of the actress Anna nahapetova said that her mother does not complain of health problems. In may relatives of the celebrities argued that data about her hospitalization that appeared in the media, far from the present situation.

“I don’t know who says its bad health. She has now just finished shooting, will mount the project. Mom sends you her love from the site,” – said Anna, and later sent to the editors fresh the Vera Glagoleva.

The actress also took the time to publicize information about your condition. In a recent interview the actress claimed that the rumors of her serious illness is not true. The celebrity said that she was all right.

In July, Vera Glagoleva married daughter Anastasia Subsky. The wedding ceremony heiress actress with a hockey player Alexander Ovechkin has become one of the most discussed in the Network. It was attended by many celebrity guests. The festive evening Vera Glagoleva danced with the performers and sang along to them. Footage taken at the event, spread all over the Internet. The actress seemed very cheerful and full of energy. It was after that the rumors about the alleged disease Vera Glagoleva subsided. No one could have imagined that the actress has some health problems.

Vera Glagoleva was born on 31 January 1956. Debut of the actress in the movie was the role in the movie “On the edge of the world…” in 1975. In the 90s he published the first picture of a star as a Director, she called “Broken light”.