Died the star of the series “Return of Mukhtar” Anzhelika Volchkova

Скончалась звезда сериала «Возвращение Мухтара» Анжелика Волчкова On the death of the actress said Kirill Emelyanov. According to the man, the young woman had long struggled for life, but in the end was unable to overcome the disease. Her passing was a shock to many colleagues and admirers.
Скончалась звезда сериала «Возвращение Мухтара» Анжелика Волчкова

8 April 2018 has left the life of actress Angelica Volchkova, for over twenty years and played on the stage of the School of modern drama. On admission of a young woman was reported in December 2016. Then she was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but details about the diagnosis were not reported.

Throughout this time Volchkova was struggling with a dangerous illness, but in the end was unable to overcome the disease. She died in the night of 8 April, which was a big tragedy for fans and friends of the artist. So, the actor Kirill Emelyanov, who for many years worked together with Angelica, hastened to Express condolences to her family.

“Today at 00.05 minutes, in celebration of Easter left us the most beautiful and most talented actress of the theatre School of Modern drama Anzhelika Volchkova. With Angela we played a few shows, and during our joint work, she became like family to me. I believed until recently, as all of our colleagues, but the disease took a different turn. The bright memory! I love you very much,” wrote the actor.

The young man noted that all of the troupe supported the relatives of the Grinding. Relatives of a young woman, believed that illness, but gradually as the actress deteriorated.

Fans were quick to Express condolences, noting that they have always admired the work of Angelica.

“They say that in the Easter of the soul will bypass purgatory and immediately enter heaven. The Kingdom of heaven”, “I’m so sorry, Cyril. Terrible news, Very sorry, what a talented actress was,” wrote Emelyanova fans under his post on Instagram.

Anzhelika Volchkova preferred to play on the stage. Over a twenty-year career she played many bright and interesting roles. However, occasionally a young woman appeared in the movie. So, fans admired her incarnations in the films “love can not be forgotten,” “Gromovy. The house of hope” and “Artist”.

According to fans, Angelica was particularly challenging dramatic roles. The woman didn’t like to advertise the novels, so it’s unknown if he still theatrical star husband and children. Fans believe that her diagnosis was not disclosed because of the Grinding desire to not allow anyone in my personal life.