Скончался звезда сериала «Гибель империи» Андрей Невраев Ural known actor passed away over the weekend. On Tuesday Andrew Nevraeva spend the last path. Many colleagues and artist friends are unable to come to terms with bereavement and condolences to his family.
Скончался звезда сериала «Гибель империи» Андрей Невраев

On Saturday, April 14, on 69-m to year of life has died the actor of theatre and cinema Andrey Nevraev. The sad news was announced by his friends. That was the cause of death of the artist, not reported.

Nevraeva the funeral will be held on Tuesday, April 17, in Nikolo-Arkhangelsk crematoriums. The many friends of the actor bring condolences to his family on the social networks.

“He died a great artist, light man, our friend Andrew Nevraev. Inconceivable! Mourn! The Kingdom Of Heaven!” – wrote a friend of the Belousov Olga Shirokova on Facebook.

Producer Alexander Belanov Nevraeva called “a wonderful actor” and “good man.” “In memory of…,” added the colleague of the artist. Nina Korzeniowski, who knew the star personally, said that on the day of death of the man remembered his gift – CD with songs written by Mr. Belousov.

Скончался звезда сериала «Гибель империи» Андрей Невраев“Why did you decided to listen, did not understand, so, his hand reached out. Four years did not put. Rather, I wanted to sing together “the officers”… And so we are okay with Bruchou wished the officers not to lose heart, even the soul become lighter. But this time in a Moscow clinic, he was gone. The man, who a long time ago on his “Vyatka” brought me to my first tour in the theater where he already had studied for a year. Absolutely Chekhov the man and the actor,” she shared in social networks.
Скончался звезда сериала «Гибель империи» Андрей Невраев

Andrew Nevrev was born on 21 Dec 1949 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). After high school he enrolled in drama school. As a student actor played in the plays, and then he worked in the troupes of the leading cultural institutions of the Omsk and Novosibirsk.

In Moscow Nevraev moved in the midst of restructuring. Promising actor was able to find work in the Theater named Yermolova, and then he moved to the company to Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. In the future, the man got a place in the troupe of the Chekhov International laboratory. On stage, the artist did not create one dramatic image, full of deep tragedy and psychology. The ability of the Belousov reflected in the productions “the Court of man”, “Hedda Gabler”, “Uncle Vanya”, “the Seagull”, “Type Russian loser” and many others.

The debut of Belousov in the movie took place in 1994. The actor played in the film by Vladimir Shamshurina “the Maestro the thief”. Later Nevraeva had the opportunity to work with George Shengelia, Tigran Keosayan, Mikhail Tumanishvili. The actor has starred in such films and serials as “Poor Sasha”, “the Passion in the Studio, “Shah”, “Turkish March”, “Kamenskaya”, “the fall of the Empire,” “Private detective”, “police Comrades”. Basically Nevraev was involved in the episodes and the roles of the second plan.