Died the star of the movie “we were young” Taras Denisenko

Скончался звезда фильма «Как молоды мы были» Тарас Денисенко Well-known Ukrainian actor and Director died at the age of 52. The sudden death of Taras Denisenko shocked his fans. They bring condolences to the families of men. According to friends Denisenko, he was suffering from a serious illness.
Скончался звезда фильма «Как молоды мы были» Тарас Денисенко

On Tuesday evening has died 52-year-old actor, writer and Director Taras Denisenko, who starred in such films as “Guard”, “How young we were”, “Fuzhou”, “Oxygen hunger”, “Shoes from America.” The causes of death of the artist is not called. Sad news reported by the Ministry of culture of Ukraine. “We Express our sincere condolences to the family of Taras Denisenko. Eternal memory!” wrote on page offices in Facebook.

Writer Sergei Trymbach added that the actor was struggling with a serious illness. The film critic also noted that Denysenko was a talented artist, and his death is a great loss.

“The Death Of Taras. Sad and sadly expected news – died Taras Denisenko. After an illness, on 53-m to year of life. He was born in a family of cinema. The father of the famous Director Vladimir Denisenko, the mother is one of the best Ukrainian actress Natalya Naum. Taras played his first role in the movie father of the “High pass”. And at the age of 20 years played in the film “we were young” by Mikhail Belyakov. Played it fantastically, just once in this world, where so much happiness to be young and so miserable…” – said Trymbach.
Скончался звезда фильма «Как молоды мы были» Тарас Денисенко

After his resounding splash, he told film critic, Denisenko is one of the most popular of Ukrainian artists. Taras followed by one successful role after another. In the early ‘ 90s, he starred in the film “Fuzhou” of Michael Ilyenko. According to Trimbach in this picture Denisenko showed a tremendous quality of acting.

Скончался звезда фильма «Как молоды мы были» Тарас Денисенко“It proved later. Not only in the movies. For a time he worked in television and one day came to the Museum to the Studio to talk about Dovzhenko. This was not an interview, it was a solid intellectual pleasure. He knew so much and understood so much — he, fortunately, was the disciples, he, like his father, was also a pedagogical talent,” the writer recalls.
Скончался звезда фильма «Как молоды мы были» Тарас Денисенко

Two years ago, Denisenko became the Director of the short film “My boy”. “Would be a sequel, but then it was sitting a terrible disease,” shared Trymbach. In the opinion of the writer, the actor passed away too early.

“Oh hurried, Taras, and hastened. Why? Parents would wait until your youth. And now… now relax and cry, let the tears wash over this terrible and irreparable loss, which Ukraine is, let it be God, ever aware. Good-bye, dear Taras. Only he still never leaves us. Sincere condolences to the family of Tarasova” – shared Trymbach.