Died the star of “Austin powers” and “Harry Potter”

Умер звезда «Остина Пауэрса» и «Гарри Поттера»
Died one of the most famous “little people” — Verne Troyer.

Mike Myers and Verne Troyer

As it became known,
yesterday was not True Troyer one of
the most famous dwarf in Hollywood, or as they are commonly now called the “little people”. According to available information,49-year-old Troar died in hospital. The specific cause of his death was not
reported. However, it is known that in the beginning of April, he was hospitalized with
a suspected poisoning. Friends also said that the True severe depression, and he told them about his desire to leave the life. So maybe Troar
committed suicide.

Vern, whose height was
just 80 centimeters, and during his career managed to play in more than five dozen
movies and TV shows. He began as a stuntman, and then his talent was noticed, and the Troyer became an actor. His most famous role is Mini-me in “Austin Powers”, gobblin Grinchuk (who worked in a Bank) in the movie “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone” and one of the aliens in “Men in black”. Upon learning of the death of the “little man”, his colleague Mike Myers,
filmed from the Right in the franchise about
Austin Purse, emotionally spoke about Troare: “He was exceptionally
dedicated professional and an example to all who had the honor with
him to work!”

It is interesting that the parents of Troare as his sisters and brother, were people of normal height. But the True figure was due to genetic
“fail”, a disease called “chondro-hypoplasia”, which stops the growth of bones . Troar was in the past married, although very briefly — on model Genevieve
Gallen. And in recent years he has lived with actress Brittney Powell.