Умер сын Фрэнка Синатры

73 rd year of life died the son of legendary musician Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra Jr.

As inform the Western media, the cause of sudden death men became unexpected heart problems. In another world Sinatra Jr. departed at the hospital of the city of Daytona beach (Florida). Information about his death, relatives have confirmed.

“Family mourns Sinatra Frank Sinatra Jr., who was son, brother, father and uncle. Rest in peace, Frankie”, — stated in the message posted on the website of the sisters of the singer in Facebook.

Sinatra Jr. tried to repeat the career achievements of his father. The man also studied music and often sang the hits that made him famous dad.

Frank Sinatra Jr., like his famous father, his musical career began early: already as a teenager he performed concerts in small clubs. In 1988, he became conductor of the orchestra and, in particular, worked with his father.

Note that the son is like his father, died of a heart attack.


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