Скончался старейший актер «Игры престолов» Питер Вон
The actor passed away at the age of 93 years.

Peter Vaughn

Fans of “Game of thrones” and colleague Peter Vaughn
mourn the death of the actor. For 93 years n had a lot. Peter has acted in over two hundred films and
series. But the greatest fame brought him the role of the castle Black Maester — Aemon Targaryen in “Game of thrones”,
super popular series, has earned many awards, among which are
Golden globe and multiple Emmy.

Bright and
memorable character Peter remained in the memory of all fans of the series. Interestingly, Vaughn,
played lost their vision of the character, last years, and he was blind. As
confirmed the representative of the actor, Peter passed away surrounded by his family.

Actor, born in Britain in the family of a Bank
servant and nurse, began his career in 1950-ies. Vaughn started talking about after he starred in the Comedy series “Porridge”, is extremely popular in the ‘ 70s.

A 75-year career, Peter had a chance
to work on a film set with such celebrities as Frank
Sinatra in the spy drama “the Naked fugitive” and the melodrama “remains of the day” with Anthony Hopkins.