Скончался «Король пластики» Иво Питанги
Surgeon, “making the” appearance of Sophia Loren and Tom cruise, has died at the age of 90 years.

Ivo Pitanguy

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Brazilian Ivo Pitanguy called one of the founders of modern plastic surgery. Hereditary doctor Ivo was born in 1926 in Belo Horizonte. Having finished the medical faculty in Rio de Janeiro, Ivo several years working in the USA, France and England, then returned home and engaged in research in the field of reconstructive cosmetic surgery for people affected by burns. In parallel, he worked on the implementation of these methods in the area of aesthetic surgery, because they believed that a person’s appearance has a huge impact on his life, and if there are ways to correct its shortcomings with a scalpel, then they should be used.

In the mid-60s glory Pitanguy crossed the borders of Brazil. In the environment of Hollywood stars he was known as a real wizard who knows how not just to stop time, but reverse it. According to rumors, the first skill Pitanguy appreciated Frank Sinatra: in the middle of the last century, he often visited in Brazil, was friends with the main stars of Bossa Nova, a musical style that, in the words of Frank, gave his creativity a new breath. So thanks to the “Brazilian period” Sinatra, the world learned the names of Tom Jobim and Astrid Gilberto, and friends of the Frank name Ivo Pitanguy.

Operations at the clinic Pitanguy cost a lot of money, but the star patients can be assured not only in result but in privacy. Mansion in an expensive area of Rio, where the clinic was renovated in such a way that there could not penetrate the journalists. Full list celebrity clients Pitanguy will never be made public. However, it is known that the Brazilian “wizard” worked with the parties to the Sinatra and his wife ava Gardner, and Jacqueline Kennedy. Among the stars who owe their appearance Ivo Pitanguy called Sophia Loren, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jared Leto, Naomi Campbell and Tom cruise.

However, the home of Ivo Pitanguy became famous not so much a work of the most famous people in the world, how many truly great charity. In his clinic for over half a century free surgeries to people affected by fires, accidents and natural disasters. In humanitarian action and large-scale environmental projects, which are generously sponsored Pitanguy in Brazil it was called just the Doctor. August 5, Ivo took part in the Olympic torch relay, and the next day died of a heart attack at the age of 90 years.

The world’s most famous plastic surgeon left behind hundreds of scientific papers, more than a dozen books and almost fifty thousand students who are now working in forty countries around the world.

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