Скончался основатель группы «Секрет» Дмитрий Рубин The man was 55 years old. As reported by his friend and colleague in the Quartet, Nikolai Fomenko, Rubin was not able to overcome cancer. Former band member wrote the lyrics for the songs “Hello”, “Alice”, “Birthday Christina”, “Old cowboy” and many others.
Скончался основатель группы «Секрет» Дмитрий Рубин

On Wednesday died songwriter and one of the founders of the group “Secret” Dmitry Rubin. The sad news was announced by his colleagues in the team, Nikolay Fomenko and Andrey zabludovsky. According to friends, 55-year-old composer was ill with liver cancer. The place of farewell and funeral have not yet been reported.

“This man will forever remain with us because he is the Creator, he was at the forefront of this group. We first played with him at the wedding Andrewski Anisimov in 1979. It’s like a family member who is forever in our hearts. Without it there would be this group,” said Fomenko told reporters.

Another colleague ruby, Maxim Leonidov condolences to the family of the deceased musician. According to the artist, they communicated and collaborated with Dimitri even after the author left the Quartet.

“Dima was a very good friend of mine in College, at a time when we had just started trying to write some songs. In General, for a long time we have felt your style, your language. Went through a lot of imitators, but in the end, when the song “Birthday Christina”, the text of which was written by Dima, we realized that we found something,” recalled Leonids.

Recall that in 1982, Dmitry Rubin, together with Maxim Leonidov and Nikolai Fomenko founded the Quartet “the Secret”. However, after some time the man left the team, but it is written in the verses of the song is still sung all fans of the band. Among the most famous songs “Hello”, “Alice”, “Birthday Christina” and “Old cowboy”.

Fans of the band can’t believe what happened and remember the popular hits of “the Secret”. “Your songs remain with people,” “Talented and humble man who in a lifetime has not acquired any yacht, nor cottages, nor the millions. Native Leningrad. Today, he was gone. Cancer. He lived for 55 years” “in memory of. Legendary song for a generation of schoolchildren in the mid-80s,” write the users of social networks and share videos with performances of a ruby.

Dmitry served as the author of the words to the songs, which were performed by Alla Pugacheva, Tatiana Bulanova, Mikhail Boyarsky and many other stars of domestic stage. Besides, ruby has collaborated with television projects. He wrote scripts for the TV series “Streets of broken lamps”, “the Dutch passage”, “Sea devils” and “Fatal similarity”.

According to “REN-TV”, ruby is survived by two sons.