Скончался бывший муж Ирины Аллегровой Igor Kapusta, released from prison last year, was feeling unwell during the screening in one of the hospitals of St. Petersburg. Experts fought to the last for a man’s life. Igor loved ones confirmed the sad news.
Скончался бывший муж Ирины Аллегровой

As it became known to journalists, the ex-husband of Irina Allegrova Igor Kapusta passed away in a hospital in St. Petersburg. According to relatives, the man picked up the infection, which caused pneumonia. In the result, Igor was transferred to the intensive care unit. The doctors did everything possible to save the life of a Cabbage, but their efforts were not crowned with success.

Reporters contacted sister’s ex-husband Allegrova. Galina Cabbage confirmed the data was made public. The woman is experiencing heavy loss.

“Today in the morning, Igor died. It is no longer with us”, – quotes the words of Galina Cabbage in the press.
Скончался бывший муж Ирины Аллегровой

Last spring, Igor Kapusta was released from prison. Ex-husband of Irina Allegrova spent five years in a strict regime colony in the village of Fornosovo in the Leningrad region. A man was jailed after his car was found two kilograms of drugs. At the hearing, Cabbage refused to admit his guilt and said that he is afraid of the prospect of imprisonment.

Igor’s family tried to support him in the difficult period. The relatives of the former husband of the pop stars said that his detention was set up by well-wishers. Galina Kale suspected that the brother was in prison due to dishonest behavior of business partners, decided to usurp his share.

After the Cabbage was free, he became the hero of the NTV program “New Russian sensations”. The man told reporters, changed him stay behind bars, and remember life together with Allegrova. “Five years is a long. While there are no sensations. I came out stunned, watching the street at all is a completely different eyes. No, not wild – I just always lacked communication. Lack of communication is scary, of course,” shared the former beloved of the artist.

Last summer, the sister of Igor Cabbage said that he was diagnosed with a serious illness. The man found chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the severe stage. Galina thought that the deterioration of the health of the affected brother being in prison.

Irina Allegrova married a dancer from his team Igor Kapusta in 1994 under false names. The couple were not married legally. According to Sobesednik.ru with ex-sweetheart Cabbage and not reconnected. Former spouses do not communicate.