Скончался первый режиссер Аллы Пугачевой Naum Brod was the author of the concert program “You, me, and the song” with which the future prima Donna of the Russian stage was made in 1974 with Julius by Slobodkina. Subsequently, the Director wrote about his cooperation with Alla Pugacheva in his memoirs.
Скончался первый режиссер Аллы Пугачевой

At the end of March died the author of the first concert of Alla Pugacheva Naum Brod. Director, writer and playwright died at the age of 78 years. Ford was buried on 30 March in the cemetery khovanskoye. Fans of the artist dedicated his social media posts.

“The trouble never comes alone Died, playwright, writer, philosopher Naum Brod. Everyone who played, watched performances of his plays who have read his other great plays, his clever book, “Naum Brod”, “Winner”, “Recyclables”, who heard his speech, I remember now this beautiful, hairy, sociable, open person, one of those underrated creative people who are much nicodano, and most importantly – from which received a lot… However, there are his plays. Sooner or later, find a producer who will carry out their production. This will be a real memory of him,” wrote Viktor Bogdanovic on Facebook.

Alla Pugacheva Naum Brod met when the singer was 25 years old. He was the first concert program artist “You, me, and song.” It premiered on 14 may 1974 in the house of culture of Railwaymen. Alla delivered there by Julius Slobodkina. In this concert performance Pugachev first performed the song Rechenka. Later, the song made a splash on the music festival “Sopot”.

Work together with your future Russian pop Diva Brod described in his memoirs the “Winner”. Director encrypted Pugachev under the name “Alla PU”. Other characters also received pseudonyms.

“Man I so persistently drove Dima, was the singer Julius SLO. Now about it, hardly anyone remembers, but then he was quite famous in estrade Julius with his band were on some tour in Moscow and in the Moscow concert was forced upon him a trip to the Canary of the regional Philharmonic society, Ala PU. They like each other (professionally) and decided to sing a duet of the program into two branches. It both gave the opportunity to raise the bet concert,” wrote Ford in his book.

According to the memoirs of the Director, the premiere was noisy, but the program has caused a mixed reaction from the “Mosconcert”. To Naum Ford treated cautiously, because he was a native of Riga. The fact is that while non-resident could not work in the capital, organisations involved in vaudeville performances. No less distressing was the budding actress Alla Pugacheva.

“The singer from this moment on, I had to pay a higher rate, and why, if it was not mandatory for this ascension procedures: not sung that, don hug, who need not pay, who should? Smart Yulik WORDS of his charming smile, just in case repudiated not only from the author but from the singer”, shared the Ford.