Died the Director Milos Forman

Скончался режиссер Милош Форман
The Creator of “Flying over the cuckoo’s nest” has died at 86 years old.

Milos Forman

The admirers of talent of the outstanding
Director Milos Forman mourn his passing. As it became known, Milos died at the age of 86 years, after a short illness. What exactly was the cause of his
the death was not reported. Milos died in the house he owned in Connecticut.

The most famous works foreman
steel “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” in which Jack Nicholson played one of his
the best roles, “the People vs. Larry Flynt” and “Amadeus”. During his career, the Director
was awarded many awards, including two Academy awards and three Golden globes.
Moreover, it was named after the asteroid, which is now listed in the directory
as 11333 Forman.

Milos Forman
Czech was born in čáslav in 1932. During the Second World
parents died in Auschwitz, so childhood and early adolescence, Milos had spent in
the boarding school for orphans. He then studied at the Film Institute, which was part of Prague
University. In the late 60’s Forman moved to France and later moved to the United States. Milos was married three times. Three marriages have foreman
had four sons — two sets of twins. His third wife — Martin Zborilova,
whom he married in 1989 year, lived with him for the last 29 years of his life.