Died the daughter of the Chairman of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Paul Soltan

Умерла дочь зампредседателя Заксобрания Петербурга Павла Солтана According to journalists, Anastasia jumped out of the window. 22nd birthday was for a girl last. She was never able to recover after the deadly accident, which claimed the lives of her parents. Sister Anastasia was trying to support her as best they could, but to save the victim of a terrible accident not happened.

    Умерла дочь зампредседателя Заксобрания Петербурга Павла Солтана

    Today in mass media there was information that died the daughter of the Vice-President of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Paul Soltan, who died from an accident in August of this year. According to preliminary data, she committed suicide – she jumped from the window. It happened in the night from Thursday to Friday, about 22 hours. It so happened that the 22nd birthday of an heir to the political leader was her last.

    Before the death of Anastasia Soltan left a farewell letter

    A month before his death, Anastasia has made a touching post on social networks. In it she promised to live despite the tragedy that happened to her family. The girl hoped that they would continue the work of parents and will help others. She also shared a video for the song of Igor Matvienko “Live”. No one had suspected that after a while, Anastasia decides to jump out the window. It seemed that the heir of Pavel Soltan optimistic about the future and trying to stay.

    “I’m 21. Even in the summer I had all I needed for happiness is my family. Beloved parents and beloved husband. In August my parents got into a terrible accident, mom and dad died and I was between life and death. For me, the parents were all, even her husband abandoned in the hospital. I didn’t know how to live, to be honest, and now still do not know. But I live! Hard, painful, scary, but necessary to live! My dad in his youth had lost arms and legs, but did not give up! People who needed the most help, helped people and children in difficult life situations. And my mom was helping my dad every day for 25 years until his death she was faithful to him. I want to keep them, I want to help people. Appreciate life and give good!” Anastasia said Soltan on his page in Facebook in late October.
    Умерла дочь зампредседателя Заксобрания Петербурга Павла Солтана

    Journalists also reported that sister Anastasia made a strange post on social networks, which announced her death. “I gave the keys, as you requested. Nastia is no longer alive. Oh my God,” – the publication did Veronica at 22.25, a few minutes after the death of a loved one.

    A few days before the suicide Anastasia went into rehab against their will. Relatives of the deceased insisted that the girl needed treatment. Anastasia struggled to escape, but the sister and her husband managed to suppress these attempts. By the way, recently Oleksiy Plotnikov, the husband of the unfortunate girl, divorced her without her presence. In the statement the successor of Paul Soltan has been written that she can’t come to court for health reasons. Plotnikov told reporters that Anastasia does not want to communicate with him and he wishes her only the best.

    Anastasia Soltan was married to Oleksiy Plotnikov, on the eve of the tragedy that occurred in her family in August of this year. Then Pavel Soltan, who was sitting at the wheel “Toyotas” and his wife and daughter Anastasia came back from the forest walk home. The car, which was the family of political activist, has faced with “Mercedes”. Pavel Soltan and his wife died and their heir miraculously survived, but was seriously injured and recovered for a long time. Recall also that the deceased Deputy Chairman of St. Petersburg in his youth, lost his hands and feet, so he moved on the dentures.

    Умерла дочь зампредседателя Заксобрания Петербурга Павла Солтана