Died star of the Soviet cinema Sergei Nikolaev

Ушел из жизни звезда советского кино Сергей Николаев The actor had problems with his heart. Sergey Nikolaev after heavy operations in December last year, felt much better. But in early may, the state of health of the artist has deteriorated again and he was back in the clinic.


    Ушел из жизни звезда советского кино Сергей Николаев

    Famous Soviet and Russian actor Sergey Nikolaev today passed away. The cause of death was heart problems. The actor was 69 years old.

    In December of last year Nikolaev came to the clinic due to serious heart problems. He underwent a major surgery where the artist even removed part of the lung. Rehabilitation lasted two months, after which Sergei felt a noticeable improvement. However, in early may, the actor was hospitalized. He called himself an ambulance, since he lived alone – he had no family and children.

    Sergey Nikolaev became widely known after a role in a fairy tale “Barbara, beauty, long braid”, the TV movie “the Master and Margarita”. Recently, the actor starred in various TV series.

    Close friends, family members and numerous fans of Sergey Nikolaev can’t accept the loss. One of the friends of artist Sergey Telchac remembers how he cared about his friend the past few months.

    “I came to his house, helped him on the farm: preparing the soup, cleaned the apartment. The fact that he never had children and wives, all his life he devoted mother, 15 years courted her when she was sick. Five years ago, it did not, since he is one. From the family he’s only got two nephews, they sometimes assisted him, but were not very close, he was very satisfied with these relations. But native blood is native, so he wrote a will, leaving him to depart the apartment of Sergei”, – said Sergey.

    According to the memoirs of friends, Nikolaev had a premonition of his demise.

    “Doctors can’t be blamed, they did everything in their power. Last time I was visiting a friend on Saturday, may 14. In the intensive care unit allowed only me, I was able to get the deal… He felt that will soon end. Sergei was always conscious, even at times secretly has called me from intensive care. Then suddenly on Saturday he said to me: “Grey, thank you that you are! Let me hug you, you feel that you’ll be leaving soon…” it’s Amazing, but he absolutely was not afraid of death, leave with some dignity. Asked to bury him there without any pomposity, said, one of the artists would like to see at the funeral: Lyudmila Hityaeva, Andrei Martynov and many others”, – said Tuljak “Interlocutor”.

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