Скончалась певица Людмила Рюмина A woman died in one of the capital’s medical facilities. As reported by Russian media, the artist died at the age of 68 years after a long illness. Presumably, the folk singer’s hits was diagnosed with cancer.
Скончалась певица Людмила Рюмина

People’s artist Lyudmila Rumina died at the age of 68 years. As reported by Russian newspaper, the woman died at the Botkin hospital after a long illness. According to some, she was fighting cancer.

“You know, it happened tonight. Reasons for not sound. We will alert all media to the official information, but later”, – reported to journalists by the assistant Ryumina.

Later in the Moscow cultural folklore center, which is several years led Ryumin said that star last farewell to the 4th of September.

“Farewell, we want to spend Monday at our Folklore center, a funeral, at the troyekurovskoye cemetery, but the place of burial is not precisely defined”, – is spoken in the message center.

Lyudmila Ryumina is remembered by many Soviet and Russian audience with a performance of Russian folk songs. Besides, the woman was the founder and Director of the Moscow state ensemble “Rus”. People’s artist of the RSFSR has collaborated with such poets and composers as Alexandra Pakhmutova, Nikolai Dobronravov and Robert Rozhdestvensky.

Singer mentioned in an interview that he had devoted his life to creativity. She had no time for Affairs with the representatives of the stronger sex, as she continually toured and gave concerts with the ensemble. Due to an accident that happened to her at a young age, the star could not have children.

Lyudmila Ryumin: “the Psychic said, “You will live his and her life”

“I was very sorry that has not given birth. But today, looking at the 170 children who are engaged in our singing and dancing, feel the large mother… All the men in my life (among fans of the singer were the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ecuador), I loved every brought joy. But with musicians from our ensemble have never met. Like seriously scold the workers for the human error that evening will be in your bed?” – Rumin said in an interview to Andrey Malakhov.

Later colleagues Ryumina have begun to Express condolences to her friends. Azerbaijani pop singer Polad bul-bul oglu stated that the singer has been very open person.

“For me, this is heavy news. I knew her for a long time. On tour we often crossed, at concerts, in palaces of sports, at events. She was always very friendly, warm, open,” – said the actor told reporters.

According to TASS, “REN-TV”.