Скончался Сергей Мавроди Journalists reported that in the capital died, the former founder of a financial pyramid “MMM”. According to the media, Sergey Mavrodi complained of pain in the heart, after which he was urgently hospitalized in one of hospitals of Moscow.
Скончался Сергей Мавроди

In Moscow on 63-the m to year of life has died the businessman Sergei Mavrodi, the founder of joint-stock company “MMM”. As journalists, the organizer of pyramid schemes, died in hospital on Monday morning. According to some reports, the man suffered a heart attack.

According to correspondents on the eve of Mavrodi was feeling unwell and he was urgently hospitalized. Sergei became ill near the bus stop, located in the Northern administrative district of the capital. A bystander helped the businessman calling an ambulance. According to the media, Mavrodi complained of weakness and pain in my heart.

Sergey Mavrodi was born on 11 August 1955 in Moscow in a family of fitter and economist. In childhood he was diagnosed with congenital bilateral defect of the heart. As stated by the businessman, he had a phenomenal memory. In 1978, Mavrodi graduated from the faculty of applied mathematics Moscow Institute of electronic engineering and got a job in one of capital scientific research institutes. Three years later he was engaged in private business, who at the time was outlawed.

In the late ‘ 80s Mavrodi founded the cooperative “MMM”, which was launched dozens of commercial organizations, including the largest Russian financial pyramid “MMM”. According to various estimates, from the actions of the businessman suffered from 10 to 15 million people, and the damage exceeded 110 million rubles.

In September 1997 “MMM” was declared bankrupt, and Sergey Mavrodi disappeared, after which he was declared internationally wanted. There were rumors that the businessman was hiding abroad, but in fact he has not left the territory of the capital. In January 2003, the founder of joint-stock companies was arrested in a rented apartment on Frunze embankment. When a businessman found forged documents on fake name. In the future, against Mavrodi was opened three criminal cases.

First, the businessman was convicted of forgery and was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment, and four years later he was placed in a colony for 4.5 years. In the spring of 2007 the man was released into the wild.

In the night from 25 to 26 March this year, Mavrodi was taken to the 67th hospital Vorobjova, reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. The doctors fought for the life of Mavrodi, but to save him failed.