Died Salome Of Smoktunovsky

Скончалась Саломея Смоктуновская Wife of Innokenty Smoktunovsky died 92-m to year. After more than 20 years since her husband’s death she was very ill and probably couldn’t handle such a long separation from a loved person.

      Скончалась Саломея Смоктуновская

      Wife of Innokenty Smoktunovsky remained his only Muse and love. He passed away in 1994, and she was able to go all the way alone for 22 years. The last few years, fiancee of the great actor remained confined to his bed and was unable to lead a normal lifestyle.

      The main feature of their marriage was loyalty to each other and an overwhelming sense of love that caused the jealousy and astonishment of his colleagues. Salome helped innocent, that he eventually achieved success. And all his life he remained grateful to its second half. He worshipped her, set an example and strongly admired her character. The future spouses first meeting was truly fateful.

      “I can’t say that it was love at first sight. Rather, developing a novel,” recalled Salome.

      Anyway, the history of two loving people has become, I admit friends, almost the plot of the movie. He long could not decide to make an offer, but he did it. Despite the fact that the wedding has passed modestly in a small room in the center of Moscow, the moment forever etched in the memory of loved ones family.

      Nothing could break Smoktunovsky: no financial problems, no lack of decent work. The main gift that prepodnesla Salome to her husband, a daughter Hope, born after two years of married life. But fate took away the daughter of young parents after only six months, but soon the actor’s wife gave birth to a son Philip, and only eight years later, daughter Mary.

      “If you ask, what is he, this is largely my wife. My love, Salome,” – said shortly before his death innocent Smoktunovskij.