Died performer of the song “Coward does not play hockey” Vadim Mulerman

Скончался исполнитель песни «Трус не играет в хоккей» Вадим Мулерман The artist was 79 years old. Vadim Mulerman died in the US, where over the last few months undergoing treatment. The man was diagnosed with cancer.
Скончался исполнитель песни «Трус не играет в хоккей» Вадим Мулерман

2 may 2018 from a popular Soviet singer Vadim Mulerman. The man known for having first performed such hits as “Harmony”, “the Coward does not play hockey”, “I Dreamed” and many others. A close friend of the artist Nina Brodskaya has confirmed that the actor died in the United States, where he lived the last few years.

According to Brodsky, Vadim I. was diagnosed with cancer. The man was treated at a clinic in the US, but in the end, the disease won.

“He was a beautiful singer with a gorgeous voice data, he always had a very good repertoire, with which he copes. And he enjoyed tremendous popularity,” said Brodskaya.

In recent years, the man has not made, and rarely appeared in public. Fans associated with the disease, but Mulerman chose not to advertise their problems. At the time of death Vadim Iosifovich was 79 years old.

It soon became known that Mulerman cremated, and his ashes are buried in Kharkov. Nina Brodskaya is motivated by the fact that for a long time the man worked and lived in Western Ukraine, so his remains must rest there.

One of the last major speeches Mulerman occurred in 2010 on the program “property of Republic”, which was dedicated to the composer Vladimir Shainsky. Then the fans noted that actor looks healthy and flourishing.

Health problems men started in 2015. Then he successfully underwent heart surgery, but in the end never returned. When Vadim I. was diagnosed with cancer, is unknown.

The star of the stage left three daughters, the youngest of whom is only 15 years old. In the 90s, Vadim I. found long-awaited happiness in his personal life by marrying Svetlana Litvinova, who was half his age.

Mulerman became famous in the late 60’s, when it became one of the leading singers of the lyric and the civil songs. After that, his repertoire includes such hits as “Lada” and “Coward does not play hockey”.

Communicating with TASS, Nina Brodskaya reminded that Mulerman was incredibly talented and popular entertainer hits which will live on long after his death.