Died performer of the role of James bond

Умер исполнитель роли Джеймса Бонда
Did not one of the best agent 007.

Умер исполнитель роли Джеймса Бонда

Roger Moore in “Live and let die”. 1973


Roger Moore. 2016


As it became known today,
he lived just months before his 90th birthday,
age 89, passed away on actor Roger Moore. As reported, the actor died
after a hard but short illness. According to available information, Moore left
of life as a result of cancer.

During its more than 70-year-old
career, Moore has starred in more than 70 films and television series. He played a lot
brilliant roles. But the real fame he brought the role of James bond.
What Moore has played James bond the maximum number of times – seven! And
the opinion of many critics, he was and will remain the best 007. However, he
Moore modestly put themselves only in fourth place — after Sean Connery, Daniel
Craig and George, Lazenby. For his merits in charitable activities and
his contribution to the film Queen Elizabeth has honored Moore in 2002 the title

During his long life sir Roger
he was married four times. The last 15 years he lived with his fourth wife
Christina Tholstrup. And three children of the actor, daughter Deborah, and two
sons (Jeffrey and Christian) gave birth to
third wife, Italian actress Luisa Mattioli. The family of actor
issued a statement: “Today, in Switzerland, died our beloved father…
According to his will, he will be buried in Monaco, where he spent his last years”