Скончалась народная артистка СССР Татьяна Карпова A famous theatrical actress passed away earlier in the week. Fans of Tatiana Karpova bring condolences to her family. Shortly before his death, the star complained of health problems and couldn’t get out of bed.
Скончалась народная артистка СССР Татьяна Карпова

Monday night on 103-m to year of life has died the national actress of the USSR Tatyana Karpova. Sad news reported at the Mayakovsky theater, where she worked for more than 70 years and has played dozens of roles. “The memory and condolences to all family and friends!” – added colleagues celebrities.

Shortly before the death of Tatiana felt bad and couldn’t get out of bed. The actress passed away at home surrounded by loved ones.

It is known that a few years ago, carp had to leave the stage after a bad fall – the actress broke her hip. Due to the fact that the bones had fused together incorrectly, the star was left confined to a wheelchair. Left favorite theater actress miss him and even admitted that he practiced at home.

Скончалась народная артистка СССР Татьяна Карпова

Two years ago Tatiana Karpova celebrated the anniversary. The actress turned 100 years old. In honor of the birthday girl, her friends and colleagues organized a gala evening that took place at the Mayakovsky theater. Karpov with humor treated to their age. She preferred not to talk seriously about the secrets of longevity and joked a lot. So, Karpov confessed that all his life has done stupid things and never been on a diet.

“In a hundred years, a person is wise and can show others what they are. My wisdom tooth has grown. True, hell I need it? Doctors suggest to delete. And I am afraid: suddenly will cease to be wise? Or at least smart. Anything can happen. But you are wrong-that’s all. And to condemn others is a grave sin. As they say, God is patient and told us. To go to Church with me is not possible, but faith and the Lord always in mind,” the actress said in an interview.

Greatest love of Tatyana Mikhailovna has always been the theatre. Colleagues marveled at the vigor of the actress, who was also fond of writing memoirs. Even in wartime, Karpov never ceased to show others the amazing love of life. “Moscow 1941. People dig membership cards, announced the evacuation of the theater. What makes Tanya Karpova – she goes home, then to the store, buys shoes and then to the station. That’s it: recklessness and incredible love for life,” said people’s artist of Russia Anatoly lobotsky.

Tatiana Karpova was born 17 January 1916. She first appeared on stage at the age of 13, playing in the play “Malena graça”. In 1938, Karpov became the actress of theatre of Mayakovsky. On account of Tatiana Mikhailovna also a few roles in movies – she starred in such films as “stage scene”, “Mother-in-law” and “ordeal”. According to some, the carp had skin cancer.

Prepared according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, TV channel “Culture” and the newspaper “Culture”.