Скончался Олег Анофриев The actor passed away at the age of 87 years. Information about the death of Oleg Anofrieva said Alexander Oleshko. The actor remembered by the audience for the songs that he wrote for many local films.

Oleg anofriyev has died on 88-m to year of life. The sad news was announced by Alexander Oleshko on his page in the social network. He did not specify details. It is unknown what caused the death of the great artist.

“I became Oleg Anofrieva. The voice of our childhood, our dear and beloved artist, great man. Thank you that gave me the fellowship and friendship. The Kingdom of heaven,” wrote the actor.

Social media users can’t believe the artist’s death. “Sad day, another sorrow. Will forever remain a memory in our hearts”, “Oh, what a pity! What is go one after another our favorite, unrivaled, irreplaceable! In memory of” is, “Amazing, talented artist and man. Favorite from childhood. What a pity,” wrote the followers Oleshko.

Oleg anofriyev was remembered by the public for his roles in Soviet films and songs written for television and animated projects: “lullaby” for the series “good night, kids!”, “The Bremen town musicians,” “Lived three bachelors”. The song “There is only a moment”, which anofriyev played in the movie “Sannikov Land”, and then hummed the whole country.

Oleg Andreyevich tried himself as a film Director, putting in the 1992 film “being in love” with Galina Polish, Svetlana Nemolyaeva and Alexander Lazarev starring.