Died Mikhail Zadornov

Умер Михаил Задорнов

The famous Russian writer and humorist Mikhail Zadornov died at the age of 69 years. Cause of death was cancer of the brain, which Michael fought the last two years.

Умер Михаил Задорнов

The death was confirmed by people’s artist of the USSR, state Duma Deputy Iosif Kobzon. “He was completely incurable, he had been impressed by both hemispheres of the brain. Last night he died. Sorry. He was an honest voice, without all the politics. It is tragic that these people leave,” said Kobzon.

Of the serious illness of a satirist, the public learned in the fall of 2016. Then he took a course of treatment, but chemotherapy did not yield results, which in 2017 he refused from it. The remaining time comedian decided to devote their friends and family.

Not so long ago, using the popular Russian social network “Vkontakte” Zadornov addressed to the subscribers, telling details of their treatment. he asked fans not to believe the tabloids. “There is in Newspapers and other Internet resources the stupidity of, for example, that Zadornov incurable cancer of the lungs and a link to some supposedly credible newspaper. First, teach: reliable Newspapers in our time does not happen. Secondly, this is absolutely not true. I do think that things are not as hopeless as sometimes it seems. In any case, ought to resist. Yes, the treatment will be hard and long. And therefore many of the concerts are canceled. In such therapy, like chemistry, you need to save power, not to spill them on different kind of side hustle. Look at that Hvorostovsky done! Doing everything right! The doctors I have quite decent and from a professional point of view, and human,” writes on the page of the satirist.

“And now about the criticism, they say, Zadornov denounces the EU, and he went to be treated there. Make no mistake: there are doctors that I see for many, many years. And live I have. And these doctors saved the best of Soviet medicine, not fully formed under the Protocol the EU. And, in General, the greatest thing I ever wrote — his medical history. She’s fatter than all my books put together. In Instagram and Twitter will not fit.” continues about a different aspect of their treatment Zadornov.

Comedian and writer believe in the best until the last. He kept himself in shape and refused to exercise. He quoted Darya Dontsova, which is where I managed to overcome cancer. “I think it is the right word once said Darya Dontsova based on their own experience of life: “never give up and keep yourself in good shape!” Therefore, the most important thing to preserve is the tone! And sometimes to afford even this, watch the video.” says the artist.