Died legendary Creator of the program “Time” Leonid Zolotarevsky

Умер легендарный создатель программы «Время» Леонид Золотаревский Male counterparts condolences to his family and friends. Leonid Zolotarevsky, who was at the forefront of national television, has died at the age of 87. He was a great professional who was admired by several generations of journalists.
Умер легендарный создатель программы «Время» Леонид Золотаревский

Today it became known that on 88-m to year of life has died the classic national television Leonid Zolotarevsky. The reasons why it happened is not specified. Sad news announced in the First channel. About it journalists were told by the son of the man, Igor, who heads one of the departments of NTV.

Many fans of Leonid Abramovich condolences to his family and friends in social networks. They write that the death of Zolotarevsky marks the end of an era. “Another master of the old guard has left us… Eternal memory”, “an Incredible 87 years of life and an incredible person until the very end” “I remember when he worked,” commented the Internet users. Some of them remember ever watching programs with the participation of the Zolotarevsky. Many considered him a worthy example to follow.

“It was a great television journalist. Because of him, and several people I wanted to work on television. I remember the teleconferences between the Supreme Soviet and the Congress of the United States, which he led. Even to me, boy, it was clear how much he is powerful and… there is a word – pedigree. Sorry, I could not meet him personally. But I am familiar with him through his son, is incredibly talented and saying is not all in his profession,” wrote the chief editor of the Kazakhstan information-analytical portal Mikhail Dorofeev in one of the social networks.

Leonid Zolotarevsky was born 12 January 1930 in Moscow. He was one of the main faces of the Soviet television, the Creator of the program “Time”, author of more than a hundred documentaries and TV shows. Leonid Abramovich was also among the originators of the first international videoconferences between Moscow and foreign cities. For a series of compounds with Congress and the program “Can be one family” zolotarevskiy has received two awards “Emmy”.

In addition to its activities in television, Leonid Abramovich also taught the students. The man was a Professor in the Department of television and radio journalism faculty of Moscow state University.

We also add that Leonid Zolotarevsky was a special correspondent for radio and television in Afghanistan. The work in this region was associated with greater risk. During one of the filming Leonid Abramovich was wounded. Later, the journalist shared his memories in the book “Quotes of life” and “Afghan story”.