Died legendary actress Nina Arkhipova

Ушла из жизни легендарная актриса Нина Архипова
Before his 95 birthday of people’s artist of the RSFSR did not live for a week.

Ушла из жизни легендарная актриса Нина Архипова

Died, Nina Arkhipova

Today died the oldest actress of the Moscow
academic theatre of satire, Nina Arkhipova. Before his 95 th birthday of people’s artist of the RSFSR
he died only a week. Sad news announced on the website of the home theater Nina
Nikolaevna “did Not Nina Nikolaevna Arkhipova”.

Nina, in 1945 graduated from the Moscow theatre
College. BV Shchukin. From 1945 to 1951 she served in the Theatre.
Vakhtangov. From 1951 to 2016 was an actress of the Moscow
academic satire theatre, where he played more than 100 roles. In the movie, Nina Arkhipova
debuted in 1946 — in the drama of Alexander Stolper “Our
heart.” In film she has appeared in over 30 roles, starred in such
filmmakers like Boris Barnet, Rolan Bykov, Nikita Mikhalkov.

Ушла из жизни легендарная актриса Нина Архипова

Nina Arkhipova

The actress was married three times. First husband — composer Alexander Golubentseva, the second writer Boris Gorbatov, third husband
the actress became a people’s artist of the USSR Georgy Menglet, who died on the day of her
80 th anniversary.

“Reading memories of Maya Menglet about my father, I cried, —
told in his last interview to the magazine “Caravan of stories” Nina Arkhipova. It was
so bitter and sad for Zhorik, whose daughter presented a person capable
to exchange family for a five-room apartment of “the woman”. “That woman,” she
calls me. We lived with George Pavlovich forty years, the fifteenth year, as
it is not in this world, and Maya still does not accept me.

With George Menglet and grandchildren Alex and Kate

Photo: from the archive of N. Arkhipova

I don’t blame (what is right?) and even find
justification: Maya defends his mother. That’s just the accusations of prudence,
it makes late father, in my opinion, unfair and cruel. On
the light was not of human kind and selfless than Zhorik. No wonder my
daughters and a son from two previous marriages immediately adopted children will not deceive,
they can sense who is who… Life with Zhorik has become the longest and
the happiest period of my life, but before to tell about it, probably
you need to remember about his childhood, his youth and the men that were with me
meetings with Menglet…”. Last
an interview with Nina Arkhipova, please click here.

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