Скончался муж Анны Ардовой Actor Alexander Shavrin several years fought a battle with cancer. The man actively worked in the Mayakovsky theater, and also starred in famous films and television series. He was 57 years old.
Скончался муж Анны Ардовой

30 Dec died actor Alexander Shavrin. The man famous for his diverse roles, performed on the stage of the Mayakovsky theater. As it turned out, the actor for many years struggled with cancer, but relatives did not want to dwell on a family tragedy. Information about the untimely death of the artist appeared on the official website of the theatre.

“I regret to inform you that this morning after a long illness on 58-m to year of life died honored artist of Russia Alexander Shavrin, one of the leading artists of the Theater of Mayakovsky. We bring our condolences to all relatives and friends,” – said in an official statement.
Скончался муж Анны Ардовой

Recall that Shavrin for 20 years was married to actress Anna ardovs. Information about the separation of the spouses appeared in 2017. Later, the actress confirmed that she has split with her lover and their son decided to stay and live with his father.

Son of Anna Ardovs refused to live with her

“I’m all psychologists to blow – what to do? What to do? “If the boy wants to stay with his father – said to me, you should stay with the father. And you will suffer”. And I went,” – said Ardova in the program “Once”.

Ardova previously refused to comment on the cause of the breakup with her lover. According to the actress, their career paths just diverged. Anna has already confirmed information about the death Shavrina reporters.

Anna Ardova divorced her husband after 20 years of marriage

Many fans of the star couple came to the conclusion that their son was left with his father only in order to help him cope with the disease. Apparently, the man was not able to beat the cancer, despite all efforts.

The news of the death of Alexander came as a shock to many of his colleagues. So, Efim Shifrin, who for many years was friends with the actor, was quick to Express condolences to the families of men. He devoted Sabrina touching post on the social network.

“Oh, God! Sasha Shavrin. Have problems still voracious this year another victim. Good on you, Sania,” wrote the scenes.

Alexander Shavrin has played over 60 roles in movies. The most notable of his reincarnations of steel roles in the movie “Driver for Vera” and in the TV series “Sklifosovsky” and “Poor Nastya”.

The date and time of farewell with the artist will be know later.