Died Hugh Hefner

Скончался Хью Хефнер The founder of the legendary magazine passed away at the age of 91 years. It is reported that Hefner had died in the family circle. Earlier there were rumors about his illness, but the man himself repeatedly denied them.
Скончался Хью Хефнер

The iconic founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner passed away at the age of 91 years. This is the official page of the publication in Twitter. “An iconic figure of America and the founder of Playboy, Hugh M. Hefner passed away today. He was 91 years”, – this post black-and-white photo posted colleagues of the deceased men.

How to write foreign media, Hugh died surrounded by his relatives at home. Representative publications confirmed the sad information.

“Hugh M. Hefner, the icon of America, presented the Playboy magazine world and turned the company into one of the most recognizable brands in history, peacefully passed away today as a result of natural causes in his home, the Playboy mansion, surrounded by loved ones,” said the agent.
Скончался Хью Хефнер

About a year ago, the Network began to spread rumors of the serious illness of Hefner. The founder of the legendary Empire has denied this information. “I wish the tabloids informed me a little earlier that I’m sick. Then I would cancel plans for the weekend!” – said Hugh on the page in a social network.

Hefner has always enjoyed success with the fair sex predstavitelnici. In 2012, the year he married model Crystal Harris, who was younger than his 60 years. To do this in the beginning of 2010, Hefner has completed divorce proceedings with his second wife Kimberly Conrad.

Скончался Хью Хефнер

The idea for the famous Playboy magazine appeared in Hugh Hefner when he started working as a publisher. He was first editor of the magazine “Shaft”, and drew cartoons. 25 Jun 1949 Hugh married Mildred Williams. Their Union lasted 10 years. In 1952 they had a daughter Christy, in 1955 and son David Paul. Later, Hefner began working in the advertising Department of Esquire magazine, but soon resigned because of refusal to increase his salary. From this point Hefner is thinking about creating their own publications. He earned $ 600 in credit, took 8,000 from investors, as well as 1000 of his mother. The first name the magazine “Stag Party”, that is “Bachelor party,” but Hefner refused it so as not to conflict with the existing at that time for men “Stag Magazine”, and it has paid off.

In December 1953 he published the first issue of Playboy magazine with Marilyn Monroe on the cover of 70,000 copies. Hugh Hefner strongly doubted the success of his brainchild. However, Americans have bought up all the logs. After the Grand launch of Playboy in the United States began the sexual revolution.