Умерла первая жена Владимира Высоцкого The actress passed away this morning. Iza K. worked in Nizhny Tagil drama theatre. The news of the death of 81-year-old Vysotskaya told her colleagues. A visitation will be held on July 22.
Умерла первая жена Владимира Высоцкого

Early in the morning was not ISA Konstantinovna – heart 81-year-old actress stopped at 03:30 Moscow time.

“There are no words to describe our grief. Goodbye, amazing, brilliant Iza K.”, — reported on the official website of the Nizhny Tagil drama theatre, on the stage that almost 50 years worked with the legendary ISA.

Farewell to the audience favorite will take place on Sunday, July 22, at 13.30 in the ritual hall of the Requiem at the address: Chelyuskintsev, 47.

Умерла первая жена Владимира Высоцкого

Isolde is the only woman in the life of Vladimir Vysotsky, which he gave his name. She’s the famous bard, dedicated his first poems.

He met a third-year student of School-studios of MKHAT, freshman year. Then Iza K. was married. A long courtship, romantic recognition – he did everything to win the proud girl. And her heart fluttered – she filed for divorce to tie the knot with Vysotsky.

Their love couldn’t kill even at a distance: on the distribution of the PIU was sent to work in Kiev, where she learned that is in position. Despite the strong feelings, the actress has decided to have an abortion.

Later ISA returned to Moscow, and on 25 April 1960 the lovers were married. Soon Vysotskaya know again waiting for the child to whom, as the firstborn, was not destined to be born. “I don’t remember a single word that is shouted to us that morning is quite different, Nina Maksimovna – terrible and cruel, who did not want to become a grandmother. We sat in bed, stunned, not daring to get up, to defend himself. Some kind of black hole – again an abortion. I disgust myself, Volodya drinks. After many many years, I learned that Volodya cried at the hospital,” confessed the actress in an interview.

Tragedy befalls the family, destroying their happiness. Vladimir is increasingly forgotten with the help of alcohol, and later wife started hearing news about her husband’s infidelity. She suffered for a long time, until I became pregnant mistress bard – “the other woman” turned out to be Ludmila Abramova, Vysotsky which made the proposal after a divorce with Isolde.

And only many years after the death of musician Iza K. has released two books of memories of their once great love.

The news of the death of the first wife of the bard commented and his son Nikita Vysotsky. The heir of a musician and Lyudmila Abramova admitted that he had last seen Isolde Konstantinovna about 15 years ago. “I was familiar with it, but I have no comment, except that I’m sorry and I’m sorry”, he said.

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