Died ex-member of the American “Bachelor” Michael nance

Умер экс-участник американского «Холостяка» Майкл Нэнс

Former member of the American reality show “the Bachelor” musician Michael nance suddenly died in the night from Sunday to Monday, may 28. The young man, the hero of the eighth season of the show hit the screens in 2012, was only 31 years old. The official cause of death is still not named, but we know that man has long struggled with addiction to alcohol and even use illegal drugs.

Michael is in a serious condition at his apartment in Austin (Texas) found his friend. The man immediately called the police and an ambulance. However, just half an hour nance died. Visiting doctors pronounced him dead.
Now forensic experts establish the cause of death of the star. It is noted that his body is not discovered injuries. Medics have reason to believe that death was natural. But they do not deny the version of an overdose of drugs or alcohol poisoning.
About addiction and life ex-bachelor said Ari, Leyendas, who also participated in the popular TV programme, together with Nance. He said that Michael tried to get rid of the dependence. For this he sought help in rehabilitation centers. The struggle lasted for the last two years, but the result did not bring. Michael suffered from overdoses. According to Laiendada, a musician of much help other addicts, but with his problem and failed.
The sudden death of Michael was a real blow to his former colleagues. Emily Maynard is a heroine, whose heart fought nance among the 24 other contenders on the show, described Michael as a talented person with a very kind heart.
After the end of the project, Michael has recorded albums, worked as a fitness trainer, a car salesman and medical equipment.