Died Dmitry Maryanov

Скончался Дмитрий Марьянов According to some reports, the man died on the way to the hospital. Dmitry Marjanova was 47 years old. Family and fans can’t believe in the death of the famous actor and condolences to his family.
Скончался Дмитрий Марьянов

Popular actor and member of the “Quartet And” Dmitry Maryanov died at the age of 47 years. It became known that he died on the way to the hospital near Moscow Lobnya. The man felt bad. Friends, with whom he vacationed in the country, decided not to call an ambulance and take yourself to a medical facility.

“StarHit” contacted the wife of a famous actor. Xenia the BFI did not disclose the details, barely holding back tears and apologized for not being able to cope with the emotions.

“Thank you for the condolences. Now it is hard for me to say,” said Xenia “StarHit”.
Скончался Дмитрий Марьянов

On the days Maranova was a significant event – in-law of Dmitry out of jail. The actor’s wife shared photos on social networks.

Cause of death Maranova is not yet established. According to preliminary data, he was able to break away the clot. Colleagues I offer my condolences on social networks. In the news account of the First channel there was a post of condolence to the relatives of the actor. “God, what a pity! Young of course. Very talented”, “what a shame. Romantic Dima Maryanov. Now over the rainbow”, “There is simply no words to describe the grief that has come into our hearts. Our dear, funny, good-natured, easy, sociable, talented Dima. I don’t even know how to put into words. Yes way,” wrote social media users.

“I do not believe. Dmitry Maryanov. So young and talented. Condolences to the family. Let him rest in peace. Love. Mourn,” wrote Catherine Arkharov.
Скончался Дмитрий Марьянов

Later, the Ministry promised to conduct an audit on the fact that physicians did not accept the call. The Ministry of health of Moscow region finds out, could actor to die due to the failure of the ambulance to travel to him.

In the last couple of years, John and his wife Ksenia led a healthy lifestyle: give up cigarettes and almost never drink alcohol. At the end of 2016 “StarHit” staged shot for the family of Dmytro and their pet mini – pig. Maryanov looked cheerful and never complained on health. At 47, he was an avid motorcyclist and often offered Xenia to ride with him. However, the wife did not share his passion, preferring the more comfortable methods of transportation.

Dmitry Maryanov said as the mini-pig changed his life

Dmitry Maryanov – known Russian actor. Since 1994 he worked in the troupe “Lenkoma” and played in such productions as “Juno and Avos” and “the Bremen town musicians”. The most vivid film credits with the participation of Dmitry became “the Countess de Monsoreau” and “radio Day”. This fall, the Maryanov has toured with the Comedy play “the Stranger.”

Скончался Дмитрий Марьянов