Умерла дочь художника Михаила Шемякина Dorothea M. died over the weekend, the heiress of the artist was 54. The sad news was announced by the artist Mikhail Shemyakin on his page in social networks. Fans my condolences go out to the master.
Умерла дочь художника Михаила Шемякина

Mikhail Mikhailovich told his fans and friends that the weekend has lost a daughter. Dorothea died on 55-m to year of life. On the causes of death of the successor of the 74-year-old artist has not reported.

The artist has released a touching message dedicated to the deceased daughter. Famed artist posted several pictures which were written by Dorothea.

Умерла дочь художника Михаила Шемякина “20 Jan, left this world my daughter Dorothea is a wonderful artist and an amazing man – multifaceted, weird, bizarre, deep and kind. Know and believe that her works will live on and bring joy,” – said Shemyakin on his Facebook page.

We will remind, Mikhail Mikhailovich was married twice. The first wife Chemiakin became Leningrad Rebekah B. Modlin. The choice of the master he worked as a sculptor and artist. Mikhail married Modlines in the early 60s, soon the couple had a daughter called Dorothea. In 1971 the girl together with his parents emigrated to Europe. Since 1986, Dorothea lived in Greece. It is in Athens and died the only heir Shemyakin.