Died Creator of the movie “St. Petersburg mysteries” and “Adjutants of love”

Скончалась создатель фильмов «Петербургские тайны» и «Адъютанты любви» Director “Театра.doc” Elena Gremina, Director and playwright died on 62-m to year of life. Sad news reported by journalist Alexander Plyuschev in your Telegram channel. The last hours before his death, the writer has spent in resuscitation of one of capital clinics.
Скончалась создатель фильмов «Петербургские тайны» и «Адъютанты любви»

Today it became known that on the morning of died Director “Театра.doc”, screenwriter, playwright and Director Elena Gremina. The cultural figure was 61 years old. About the incident in his Telegram channel reported journalist Alexander plushev.

The relatives of graminae called her cause of death as renal and heart failure. The last hours of his life Elena spent in intensive care Botkin hospital.

The spouse of the deceased, the Russian playwright, Director and theater actor, writer Mikhail Ugarov died in the middle of spring this year. Elena grieved at the death of a beloved spouse. About it she wrote on the personal page in the Network.

“No need of condolences. I’m very, very lucky that we met – this could not be. We are too different. But I was lucky once in my life, I injured, the unfortunate, unable, as I thought before the meeting, to personal happiness to man. I met him, we knew each other, decided to be together. Lucky I read what he writes, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I liked it; saw, as he creates plays, and could not understand the magic of his work with the artists. Our children from the first marriage became family to us and each other. What we did together “Театр.doc” and it was probably lucky not only to me. Not one person he changed his life, taught, helped. We have been together for almost 25 years. In September 2018 was supposed to be, he told me: “it cannot be that 25! Many do not live!”. Really. Do not live in our case. As good as it is, can not be forever. Here are a few of my favorite photos…” – shared Gremin with fans.
Скончалась создатель фильмов «Петербургские тайны» и «Адъютанты любви»
Скончалась создатель фильмов «Петербургские тайны» и «Адъютанты любви»

Friends of graminae Ugarov and write words of support to the creative pair. “No. How so?! Lena, how did you… I Hope your soul mates there… the Bright memory! Relatives and friends of Elena Anatolievna my sincere condolences…”, “Oh my God… I do Not believe”, “my Dear, dear Elena, I love you very much, I’m so sorry that I can’t hug you anymore. It’s so bitter and so painful, it is impossible to believe. You need” – note the users on the Network.