Умер композитор Олег Каравайчук In St. Petersburg died 88-year-old Soviet and Russian composer Oleg karavaychuk. On the eve of his death, he was going to play a concert in the cultural capital. Admirers of the known musician will mourn his passing.

    Умер композитор Олег Каравайчук

    In St. Petersburg on 89-m to year of life died the Soviet and Russian composer Oleg karavaychuk. This was announced by the Foundation named after the famous musician on the social network Facebook. Karavaychuk passed away on Monday morning. The date and place of farewell with a celebrity will be announced later, said the sooobschenie organization.

    Умер композитор Олег Каравайчук

    Shortly before his death karavaychuk was going to speak at the St. Petersburg Museum “Erarta”. A performance by the musician, scheduled for June 6, at the last moment was postponed due to the illness of Oleg Nikolaevich.

    “Not on stage “.” live concert of Oleg Nikolaevich karavaychuka. Remains only a memory. Light. May he also be Music,” such publication was made by the organizers of the concert Karavaychuka in social networks.

    It is known that on the stage he wanted to present works created specifically for the upcoming concert, as well as music written in the Russian geographical society and the Faberge Museum. In interviews, karavaychuk said he was not going to give a name to his performance as real music says with notes, not words.

    Oleg karavaychuk was born in 1927 in Kiev. He is known due to the fact that created the soundtracks to many famous films, including such films as “Alyosha Ptitsyn produces character”, “virgin soil upturned”, “Urban romance”, “Foreign letters,” “Black chicken, or Underground inhabitants”, “Shura”. Just on account Karavaychuka music to more than 150 feature and documentary tapes. One of the last pictures, the music for which was created karavaychuk, was the film “Petersburg doll” directed by Sergei Lando, released in 2011.

    In his interview Oleg said that for him there is no fundamental difference between work on the soundtrack for the play or the film. He also stated that very well accept criticism of his work. Music karavaychuk considered the most absolute art there is, and sincerely admired her. To his age he treated ironically and joked a lot about it. Despite the fact that he was approaching the ninth ten, the composer admitted that he feels like a teenager.

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