Died beloved pet of Ryan Gosling

Умер любимый питомец Райана Гослинга

Friday on the Ellen DeGeneres visited the famous actor Ryan Gosling, who told the sad news about your pet. His dog died in December at age 17.

Умер любимый питомец Райана Гослинга

“He was a good friend of mine,” admits Gosling leading Ellen, who also loves animals and has three dogs that was rescued. The star of the movie The Blade Runner 2049 told the audience that his dog traveled with him everywhere and was present on every shoot.

When his friend George began to be old, he looked like “an aging rock star,” joked Gosling. “He was both skinny and thick, with long hair and no teeth, open sores — but still sexy.”

As Ryan shared funny stories that remain as memories of the departed animal.

“It is ridiculous to say “dog” because there was such feeling, be it George considered it beneath his dignity to be a dog,” says Gosling. “He didn’t perform any tricks. If you want that at least he sat down, it had to be some way to convince him that it is in his interest.”

Умер любимый питомец Райана Гослинга

“Once, we were outside at the restaurant and he was sitting on the sidewalk, looking along the street,” continues Gosling. “Someone stood up and went to the toilet, the campaign drunk, and George climbed in place of sitting and looking around the table, whether it should be.”

Despite great anguish about your furry friend, Gosling’s not ready to get a new dog. Moreover, it is cares about. At home waiting for him two little daughters and wife Eva Mendes. But to make a new friend it’s never too late, so “let’s see,” said Ryan leading.

On Tuesday, Gosling called for another popular show Jimmy Kimmel Live! where told that together brought the whole family, including wife and two daughters, 3-year and one-year-old Esmeralda Amanda in new York while he was host of the TV show Saturday Night Live. For Amanda this was the first trip to a big city, so caring dad wanted the girl to remember this moment for life. But when he brought the baby to see the city from a great height, it didn’t go quite according to plan.

“In the morning I brought her to the window and said, “Honey, welcome to new York,” says Gosling. “And then two cars collided, began to throw smoke, came two angry men and I will not repeat those gestures that they showed to each other, so I just closed my daughter’s eyes and took her away from the window.” The presenter made a joke about that in new York, she learned how to show middle finger.