Died albert Filozov

Ушел из жизни Альберт Филозов The famous actor died on the 79 th year of life. According to colleagues, albert Filozov last time felt bad. Nevertheless, he continued to play in the theatre and engage with students.


    Ушел из жизни Альберт Филозов

    Famous theatre and cinema actor albert Filozov died. The tragic news of the death of the famous actor told the art Director and the main Director of theatre “School of modern play” Joseph Raihelgauz.

    “He faded a few days,” said the Sick journalists.

    While no details of the death of a famous actor is not reported. As they say relatives and colleagues Filozova, recently his health became worse, however, the hospital could do nothing to help the artist.

    “The doctors didn’t want to keep in the hospital, said that it is useless, can’t do anything,” he told colleagues Filozova.

    Recall that the famous actor was 78 years old. Until the last day of a talented actor remained true to his profession and played performances. He also tried to convey all his knowledge to the younger generation and went to school with students.

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