Died actor Titanic bill Paxton

Умер актер «Титаника» Билл Пэкстон About the death of Hollywood star told his family. 61-year-old bill Paxton passed away from complications arising after surgery. The actor, who played more than 156 roles, is survived by his wife and children.

      Умер актер «Титаника» Билл Пэкстон

      Sad news came on Sunday evening, February 26, from overseas. In the US on 62-m to year of life died a famous Hollywood actor and Director bill Paxton. According to foreign publications, the artist passed away on Saturday. Clarifies that bill Paxton died from complications that arose after recent surgery. However, for some reason, it was done surgery, not say.

      “With a heavy heart we share the news that bill Paxton died due to complications after surgery” — quote the American press the statement of the family of the actor about his untimely death

      Bill Paxton was married for thirty years, he is survived by a widow and two children.

      The Russian audience bill Paxton is remembered for his roles in such iconic American films as “Titanic,” “Aliens,” “Apollo 13,” “Terminator”. The American actor also known for his work on television – he spent five seasons and played a major role in the TV series “Big love,” which tells about the life of a Mormon polygamist. This character brought the actor three nominations for the prestigious film award “Golden globe”. In addition, for this award he was nominated for the film “a bright shining lie”.

      Умер актер «Титаника» Билл Пэкстон

      During his career in the movies bill Paxton has played the right role 156. Before his death bill Paxton participated in the filming of the movie “Training day”.

      Following the tragic news of the death of Paxton, on information tapes there was one sad message. Gone from the life of 36-year-old British actor Neil Fingleton, who played in the cult series “Game of thrones” by mance Rayder. According to Western media, the young man died due to heart failure. By the way, in the UK Neil Fingleton was known and what was considered the tallest man in the United Kingdom. The growth of the actor was 2 meters 32 centimeters.