Скончался актер фильма «Усатый нянь» Today in mass media there was information that died in Moscow Anton Narkevich. The man was 48 years. According to preliminary data, the cause of death of a star of children’s films became acute heart failure. Narkevich has starred only in a few projects, but its role is still remembered by many fans of the movie.

      Скончался актер фильма «Усатый нянь»

      Journalists reported that in Moscow on 49-m to year of life has died Anton Narkevich, known thanks to the film “mustachioed nannies” and participation in the comic magazine “jumble”. The man died in his own apartment. According to media reports, Narkevich became ill at the weekend. He called the friend and asked her to come. The woman called an ambulance, because Anton wasn’t even able to get out of bed. Arrived medical professionals tried to help him, but to save the Narkevich failed.

      It is also reported that recently a man lost his parent. Narkevich’s mother passed away about two weeks ago.

      According to journalists, the star of “the Mustached nanny” suffered multiple illnesses, however, until the last moment I postponed going to the doctor. Cause of death men can be acute heart failure.

      Anton Narkevich was born in 1968. He starred only in a few paintings, but his images were very vivid and memorable. Debut of Narkevich in the movie was the film “mustachioed nannies” directed by Vladimir Grammatikov, released in 1977. Anton played the role of an employee of the space laboratory. Besides him, the film also starred Sergei Prokhanov, Lyudmila Shagalova, Elizabeth Uvarov, Sergei Bachurski, Valery Kislenko and many others.

      Critics praised the debut feature-length movie Grammatikov. In 1979 she was awarded the “red carnation” at the all-Union Week of children’s film. In addition, the “mustachioed nannies” were highly appreciated during the film festival of young filmmakers in Moscow.

      Narkevich also were involved in the first series of children’s comic newsreel “jumble”. He appeared in stories about Carlson, and also in the issue dedicated to the lover of the living area. In addition, Anton has played a classmate of the main character in the series “If you believe Lopotuhinu”. “What Pavlov?! What Pavlov?! It’s just Pavlov”, – said the character of Narkevychi. This phrase quickly became winged, and it is constantly echoed by many young fans of “jumble”.

      In addition, Narkevich participated in the filming of the documentary serial “Secrets of Soviet cinema”. The episode where a man gave an interview, published in 2012. It was the last work of the star of “Moustached nanny” movie.