Скончался актер фильма «Жестокий романс» Дмитрий Бузылев Famous poet, artist and composer died after a long illness. The sad news was reported by colleagues of Dmitry Buzylev. Farewell to the man will be held on Sunday. Users of social networks condole with loved ones of celebrity.
Скончался актер фильма «Жестокий романс» Дмитрий Бузылев

On 62-m to year of life died honored artist of Russia Dmitry Buzylev, author and performer of songs loved by millions in the movie “Gypsies go to heaven”, “Sibiriada”, “black Eyes” and “a Cruel romance”. The sad news was shared in the Union of cinematographers of Russia. It is reported that Buzylev passed away on Wednesday, February 7.

Over a long period of time, actor and composer was struggling with the disease. Farewell to Bazyleva will take place on February 11. Memorial service will be held at the cinema House, and bury the star on Pikhtinsk cemetery.

“Dmitry Mikhailovich was a true Keeper of the Gypsy folk culture. Songs composed and sung them (“Your eyes are green”, “song of the Gypsies of Siberia”, “Oh, do not Wake”), became really popular. Colleagues and viewers remember his vivid roles in the movies: “the camp leaves in the sky”, “Cruel romance”, “Sibiriada”, “black Eyes”, “Men” etc. the Last words of Dmitry Mikhailovich were the words of gratitude and love confession N.With. Mikhalkov and actors Guild” – noted in the Union of cinematographers.
Скончался актер фильма «Жестокий романс» Дмитрий Бузылев

Users of social networks bring condolences to relatives Butyleva. “Eternal memory,” “the Movies was great”, “God bless him”, – write fans on the Internet. Yan Romanovsky who knew Dmitry Mikhailovich, shared memories about him.

“Was not the legendary actor, poet and composer. This was a talented man, very devout, many times I met with him and talked. For life remember how in the morning when I woke up at his house, he cooked porridge for Breakfast and paternal fed me,” wrote a friend of a celebrity.

Dmitry Buzylev was born on 22 January 1957. Know that the future artist since the childhood was fond of music. In five years, he played guitar, and at twelve has toured with the ensemble “Hungarian Gypsies”. At the time, Buzylev auditioned for the lead role in the film “Gypsies go to heaven” directed by Emil Loteanu, but she went Grigore Grigoriu. In the end, Dmitry played the brother of the Parliament in the performance of Svetlana Toma. By the way, his eight-year-old sister Alena amazed the audience with the song “Nane Cocha”. This composition became a hallmark of the film.

Then Buzylev starred in “Sibiriada” Andrey Konchalovsky. The Director was so touched by the way the artist performed “Song of the Siberian Gypsies” that she was included in the soundtrack to the film. While working on the painting Dmitry began to chat with Nikita Mikhalkov. This was the beginning of their creative Union – in the future Bazyleva invited in such films as “black Eyes”, “the Barber of Siberia” and “Burnt by the sun 2: Anticipation”.