Died actor George Obolensky

Умер актер Георгий Оболенский Honored artist of the RSFSR died on the 79 th year of life. Sad news reported by the press service of the Maly theatre, on the stage that George Obolensky shone for many years. Fans of the star can’t believe he’s gone.

      Умер актер Георгий Оболенский

      Today it became known that on the 79 th year of life died a famous actor of the Maly theatre and honored artist of the RSFSR Georgy Obolensky. An elderly man died Tuesday, March 21. About the reasons of death of the artist is not reported.

      The funeral of George Y. will be held March 23 at 11 a.m. and the funeral will be held at the cemetery Vagankovsky. Relatives and friends of the stars taking condolences.

      “Georgy Yuryevich Obolensky – the last graduate of the legendary course of Nikolay Aleksandrovich Annenkov. Creative life of Obolensky was not so brilliant as his classmates Vitaly Solomin, Viktor Pavlov, Yaroslav Baryshev Oleg dal Mikhail Kononov, however, we cannot say that George Yu was equally gifted as an artist. Obolensky was distinguished by bright individuality and organic sense of humor, brilliant artistry, imagination and artistic taste. Arriving at the little theatre in 1963, he more than half a century served arts, playing a total of 83 roles. Different in scale and genre, all of them were marked by a rich talent of George Y.”, – reported on the website of the Maly theater.
      Умер актер Георгий Оболенский

      Representatives of cultural institutions believe that the actor is alive, while the audience remember his work. They also note that many productions with the participation of Obolensky considered classics of theatre art. “And this means that the memory of George Y. will live for many years… Bright memory and eternal rest,” – said in the appeal of the colleagues of the artist.

      Recall that George Obolensky was born on 17 October 1938. In 1963, an aspiring actor he graduated from the theatre school named after Schepkin. The future star of the theatre have been educated in the course of people’s artist of the USSR Nikolai Annenkov.

      In my entire career, George Yu played dozens of roles in theater. Among the most important works of Obolensky’s possible to find roles in such productions as “Stole Consul!”, “The smart thing”, “will”, “vanity Fair”, “Wedding Krechinsky”, “the Marriage Bal’zaminova”, “beefcake”, “Foma Gordeev”, “King Lear”, “Inspector” , “Trickery skapena” and “the Living corpse”.

      In addition, the famous actor appeared in the movie. On account of his 25 roles in different projects. In 1964, the screens out the picture of Efim Dzigana “the Unquenchable flame”. It was the debut of Obolensky. Afterwards he participated in such films as “Comrade Arseny”, “Northern light” and “the case of the hotel”. Some of the most famous works of George Y. is the role in the film “blunder” and “Rural detective”.