Died a former member of “A’studio”

Скончался бывший участник «А’Студио»

Over the participants of the popular band “A’studio” dominates some bad luck. At the sixtieth year of his life left this world Bulat Syzdykov, honored worker of Kazakhstan and music producer Duo “Musicola” 1983-played in the above mentioned group.

Sad news on his page on Facebook announced Margulan Seisembaev.
“Friends, just got the terrible news. Died another one of my favorite and dear Friend, Musician, Guitarist and just a wonderful Person — Bulat Syzdykov. Exactly one year after our beloved Hero. What is happening? Why is it better? How can we not appreciate when they are with us. Rest in peace, dear friend! Kandy bol!” — he wrote.
Recall that the famous musician, the first soloist of group A’studio Batyrkhan Shukenov, died April 28 at his Moscow apartment. The artist could not stand the heart — the cause of death was a heart attack. And in January 2007 under mysterious circumstances killed the lead singer of Murat Nasyrov. The singer jumped out of the window, and shortly before it was very hectic, much alarmed my mother-in-law, being with him in the apartment. After the death of friends and neighbors of the artist, recalled that Murat babbled something incoherent about how he saw God and Bug (the deceased shortly before the party group of Baghlan Sadvakasova), and that last “there” is very bad and he calls him to himself. Nasyrov was found dead under the balcony of his apartment. He fell from the fifth floor. It was rumored that the reason of temporary insanity have become failures in the works.

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