Умер известный писатель Фазиль Искандер The author of the novel “Sandro from Chegem” was 87 years old. Fazil Iskander died in the night of 31 July, suddenly feeling ill and losing consciousness. Close the writer called the ambulance, but to save an elderly person the doctors were not able to.

      Умер известный писатель Фазиль Искандер

      On the night of July 31, died the famous Soviet and Russian poet and prose writer Fazil Iskander. The writer was 87 years old. Died Fazil Abdulovich home, being close with his family.

      As reported last night, the famous writer suddenly felt ill and lost consciousness. Close Fazil Iskander called an ambulance, but arrived at the doctors could only say death. The writer died without regaining consciousness. The cause of death of Fazil Iskander is installed. Not told his family yet nor the date of farewell to the famous writer, nor the place where he will be buried.

      Fazil Iskander was born in the city of Sukhumi on March 6, 1929 in the family of the former owner of the brick factory of Iranian origin.

      In 1938 the father of the future famous writer was deported from the Soviet Union, and since then Iskander didn’t see it. Was brought up the author of the famous works by relatives of his mother abhazca in the village of Chegem.

      After finishing school with a gold medal Fazil Iskander entered the Library Institute in Moscow, and after three years of study there he transferred to the Literary Institute named after A. M. Gorky, who graduated in 1954. Known to the writer came in 1966 after the publication in the journal “New world”, his novel “Constellation Kozlotura”. In 1960, Fazil Iskander married Antonina Khlebnikova, with whom he lived in happy wedlock for more than fifty years, brought up two children.

      Peru Fazil Iskander owns such well-known works as the Roman epic “Sandro from Chegem”, the epic “Child meadow”, the novel “Rabbits and Boas”, “Man and his surroundings”, “School waltz, or the Energy of shame”, “Parking man”, “Poet”. For the huge contribution that Fazil Iskander has made to the development of Soviet and Russian literature and culture, he at different times was awarded the state prizes and awards. Among them – order “For merits before Fatherland” II degree, the State award of the Russian Federation, State prize of the USSR.

      Few people know, but the popular film “the Small giant of big sex,” in which the main roles played by Gennady Khazanov and Irina Rozanova is an adaptation of the Novella, “Oh, Marat!” the cycle “Sandro from Chegem” Fazil Iskander.

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