Died a famous TV presenter and publisher Alexander Shatalov

Скончался известный телеведущий и издатель Александр Шаталов The man died on 61-m to year of life. Fans of Alexander Shatalov my condolences go out to his family and friends. According to the writer Eduard Limonov, leader of the literature was health problems, which became the cause of his death.
Скончался известный телеведущий и издатель Александр Шаталов

Poet, publisher and broadcaster Alexander Shatalov passed away at the age of 60 years. The sad news was announced by the writer Eduard Limonov, who worked with activist literature.

“He was born in 1957, could still live. Alexander Shatalov flying now in other worlds. Don’t want to list the terrible disease that it piled up. There were two of them. My last book that he published was “Under the sky of Paris,” he shared in his “Live Journal”.

Many fans of Alexander Shatalov my condolences go out to his family and friends. They can’t believe that the publisher left so early from life. “Where are you?”, “In memory of”, “we Will remember”, “I’m sorry. He was a tough guy” – write in social networks.

In turn, friends Shatalov share memories of him. Many of those who crossed paths with the publisher, did not know that he had health problems. “Wow. I didn’t know he was sick. Over,” – said presenter and journalist Anton Krasovsky. According to colleagues figure in literature, he died rapidly.

Скончался известный телеведущий и издатель Александр Шаталов

Alexander Shatalov was born on 10 November 1957 in Krasnodar. After leaving school he entered the Moscow Institute of engineers of civil aviation. Criticism and poetry Shatalov begins to engage in the mid-80s, his first publication was published in the journal “Literary review”. In the future, the figure of literature works as an editor in the publishing house “Young guard”, the correspondent of the newspaper “Evening Moscow”, and also engaged in consultation of the Union of writers.

It is known that Shatalov was a literary agent, Eduard Limonov. In the early 90s he founded the publishing house “Verb”, where he published the book “This is me – Eddie”. Limonov’s piece has provoked a strong discussion. On its cover were warned about using profanity and it was noted that the novel should not be read by minors. In the future, “Verb” presented the Russian-speaking audience the works of Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs, James Baldwin, Stephen Spender and other well-known figures of literature.

At different times Alexander Shatalov led book reviews on NTV, “Culture” and “Home”, the audience he remembered the “Graphomaniac”. In addition, the chair had a hand in such documentary films as “Matrona of Moscow”, “Oscar Rabin. Happy way”, “Erik Bulatov Sky”, “Nemuhinskie monologues.” Lyrics Shatalov was translated into English and German, just published five books of his poems.