Died a famous physician, James brand

Умер известный врач Яков Бранд Presenter of the program “Without a prescription” died in Moscow. The famous cardiologist, head of the emergency Department of the coronal surgery, scientific research Institute of Sklifosovsky, James brand according to preliminary data, died of heart failure.
Умер известный врач Яков Бранд

Early on the morning of June 12 the famous heart doctor, heart surgeon James brand. For many years he was the head of the emergency Department of a coronal surgery, scientific research Institute of Sklifosovsky. There, in my own Institute, and passed the last hours of the life of Jacob Beniaminovich. He was 63 years old.

As reported by some media, for some time he was observed in his own institution, solving the arisen problems with health. And may 30, feeling worse, brand was hospitalized. According to preliminary data, the cause of death was heart failure. This was reported by his son Paul on his page in the Network.

“Today, after a long illness my father passed away, Jacob beniaminovich brand. He was a famous heart surgeon and TV presenter and a very good father. Dad lived a colorful and difficult life. It was the undoubted victory and disappointment. Unfortunately, his life ended very early, at 63. However, it will not be post-tribulation, and post thanks. Gratitude to the doctors who were with him to the last breath. He so wanted. He wanted to thank all the doctors of the research Institute of Emergency care. N. In. Sklifosovsky, to which he devoted 17 years of his life and personally Sergey Petrikov…I am immensely grateful to all doctors that are listed in this post, and in eternal debt to them. Dad, I want to thank you for life, surname and the profession and for the invaluable advice he has given me all these years. He was a real doctor, so what now you’re not. Eternal memory…” – wrote son of James brand.

Also Paul brand thanked all the doctors had worked with his father, and who treated him by name.

James brand had extraordinary abilities and this has gained not only thousands of grateful patients, but a long list of regalia. Doctor of medical Sciences, member of Association of cardiovascular surgeons of Russia and other countries. Laureate of the State prize of the Russian Federation for discoveries in the treatment of ischemic heart disease in cancer patients, the author of many works in various fields of surgery. The wide audience of the Dr. brand became famous thanks to his participation in the television programs on the subject of health. On NTV for over a decade, starting in 1999, led the program “Without a prescription” and “Coma”. Surgeon, cardiologist, was originally from Odessa, was born in a family of doctors. Lived and worked in Moscow since 1981. He has three children, the youngest of whom is 8 years old now.