Скончался известный режиссер-документалист Александр Столяров Relatives and friends of the famous artist, who has long collaborated with the channel “Russia-Culture”, accepted condolences. Alexander Stolyarov died on 58-m to year of life. Male counterparts think of his best work.
Скончался известный режиссер-документалист Александр Столяров

Colleagues of the 57-year-old filmmaker and writer Alexander carpenter shared the sad news. A man who long worked on the channel “Russia-Culture”, passed away on Wednesday, July 26.

The cause of death of the artist is not specified.

“Shooting several films a year, working on scripts or prose, Alexander sought to make the most of this life, it’s like he knew the age of it on Earth is short, and business…

He had very much made the movie, released a compilation album, created his own theatre. “The essence of the profession of the Director is to cause the viewer a good sense, the light in the soul,” – said Alexander Stolyarov, and the light he left behind in his works”, – is written on the website of the Union of cinematographers of Russia.
Скончался известный режиссер-документалист Александр Столяров

The Association also stressed that the joiners did not have time to put all his plans in life. “Bright, kind, with an amazingly original talent – that will be remembered by colleagues and viewers Alexander Stolyarov. All his life he gave himself to the people – the audience, the readers, first of all thinking about them when creating a work of art. He’s gone, we can say, on the rise,” added the organization.

Friends of Alexander carpenter to dedicate to him the publication in social networks in which they want the man to rest in peace. They also recall the most vivid work of the Director and share them online. Many speak of the figure of the cinema as a wonderful human being and professional.

“It is impossible to believe and impossible to accept. Alexander Stolyarov is one of the most beautiful people I have met in my life. Thin, sensitive, ironic. A wonderful Director, with his immediately recognizable tone”, – said Director Vladimir Nepevny.

One of those who personally knew carpenter, shared the reason why he, presumably, died. “Kapets, clot…” – said Vitaly Zaporozhchenko in review for publication, is dedicated to deceased colleague.

Farewell to the Director will be held July 27, at twelve o’clock in the afternoon in the morgue of the City hospital № 23, located on Yauzskaya street.

Alexander Stolyarov was born in November 1959. In 2010, the man was nominated for the Nika award and the TEFI for the film “German and Karmalita”. Among the most famous works Director – the film “girls Girls girls”, “Understand Man”, “Elder paisios and I stood upside down”. Moreover, Stolyarov was one of the authors of the documentary series “Islands” of the channel “Russia-Culture”. In 2015 he published his collection of short stories.