Умер известный режиссер и внук Сталина Алексадр Бурдонский People’s artist of Russia died in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. According to colleagues of Alexander Bordosskogo, it was a long time in a medical facility complaining of heart problems. Fans of the artist condolences to his family and friends.
Умер известный режиссер и внук Сталина Алексадр Бурдонский

Journalists report that a 76-m to year of life has died the grandson of Joseph Stalin, the famous theater Director Alexander Burdonsky. About it journalists were reported by the representatives of the Central academic theatre of the Russian army, where he worked worker of culture. According to colleagues of the man, he suffered from heart problems. “Tonight’s the night Alexander died,” they told correspondents.

The date of the funeral with a man will be announced later. A memorial service will be held in the theatre of the Russian army.

At the departure from life of Alexander Bordosskogo also said the actor Stanislav Sadalsky. The man was friends with a famous Director from the time of study in GITIS. According to the artist, he had a bad feeling. In December last year died Yevgeny Dzhugashvili, the heir to Stalin’s eldest son Yakov. “I then jerked,” said Sadalsky. However he found out later that she didn’t die of his classmates. “But the anxiety remained,” added the star theatre.

Sadalsky has also shared his memories of Burdensom. According to the actor, the name Stalin imposes on its possessor “heavy burden”.

“Sasha from childhood had to experience all the “joy” of such relationship, although with a famous grandfather he met once, at the age of twelve, and then, at the funeral… In the last 13 years he basically took the mother’s surname (many relatives of Galina Burdonskaya died in Stalin’s camps). Amazing, talented, one of the most intelligent people in my lifetime… There is such a thing as “leaving nature”. With the loss of people such as Alexander Burdonsky, understand it literally. Leave dignity, loyalty, decency, intelligence,” shared the actor.

According to Sadalsky, his friend’s name was in the frame, but Burdonsky “faithfully served his theatre.” In addition, the Director has repeatedly offered to play Joseph Stalin in the movie, but he refused and said that his grandfather was a tyrant. “When Stalin died, I was embarrassed that everyone around crying and I don’t. I sat near the tomb and saw a crowd of weeping people. I was more afraid of it, even shocked. And what good I could to it to feed? Grateful for what? For the crippled childhood that I had? I do not wish anyone such. To be the grandson of Stalin – heavy cross” – said Alexander his friend.

Representatives of the theatre of the Russian army reported to “Interfax” that before the death Burdonsky for a long time was in the hospital.