Died 11-month-old Charlie guard, who suffered from rare genetic disease

Умер 11-месячный Чарли Гард, страдавший редким генетическим заболеванием The baby died a week before the birthday. London’s high court refused the child’s parents a request to take him home. A few days ago, Charlie’s family, the Garda made the decision to switch off life support.
Умер 11-месячный Чарли Гард, страдавший редким генетическим заболеванием

11-month-old baby Charlie guard, who was suffering from a rare genetic disease – syndrome of depletion of mitochondrial DNA – passed away at the hospice, where he was identified from the hospital by a decision of the High court of London.

Sad news reported by British journalists. The baby died a week before his birthday on August 4, he would have turned a year.

Parents “sentenced to death” refused to fight for his life

“Our beautiful little baby has died. We are so proud of you, Charlie,” the reporters quoted the boy’s mother Connie Yates.
Умер 11-месячный Чарли Гард, страдавший редким генетическим заболеванием

Earlier in the week it became known that the boy’s parents decided to switch off life-support systems, despite the prolonged struggle, which they were informed. “Time for Charlie came out, it’s too late. Child damage, treatment will bring your chances of success… Parents withdrew the request,” – said the lawyer of the family of Gard Armstrong.

The representative of the relatives of Charlie motivated act of their wards by results of recent medical tests. They showed that the child’s body irreversible damage, with an impact on the brain and internal organs.

Then Connie and Chris Gard made a statement to reporters and asked not to disturb them in the near future. The couple wanted to take his son home, not to depart from it in recent days, however, doctors recommend the baby was sent to a hospice.

“We’re going to make one of the hardest things we ever had to do, and let go of our little Charlie. He touched so many people and influenced them during their 11 months, how many people do during a lifetime,” he said, barely holding back tears, the child’s father near the building of the High court of London.

Recall that Charlie Gard was born in August last year. In a medical facility in which the child was born, came to the conclusion that it cannot be repaired. However, the parents of the baby – Connie Yates and Chris Gard – decided not to give up. UK residents organized a fundraiser in support of the boy, believing that he would be better in an American clinic. The aggregate amount of donations of caring people reached more than one million pounds.

Thousands of people from around the globe interested in the fate of Charlie and created a petition in support of it, claiming to help the child. In defense of the baby suffering from a rare disease, also called Pope Francis and U.S. President Donald trump. They urged to fight for the boy whom doctors decided to turn off the life support machine. Medical professionals did not believe that Charlie will benefit the experimental nucleoside analog therapy in an American hospital. They believed that such treatment may instead cause irreversible negative effects.

Умер 11-месячный Чарли Гард, страдавший редким генетическим заболеванием