Did Alla Pugacheva leave the country again or did she go on an 'all-Russian tour'? Diva's life under the guns of the paparazzi.

Alla Pugacheva again left the country or went to Fans of Alla Pugacheva have been waiting for her return from Israel for a long time, where she allegedly went for treatment after the start of SVO. She promised to return with the children by the beginning of the school year and kept her word.

Alla Pugacheva left the country again or went on an

As soon as the prima donna appeared in Moscow, she immediately categorically declared publicly that she had come to “clean up the minds” and “fill someone's face.”

Has Alla Pugacheva left the country again or gone on an 'all-Russian tour'?

Whether Alla Borisovna fulfilled her loud promises or not is not known. But the information that Pugacheva and her children left Russia again has already been leaked to the press.

Not even a month has passed since the beginning of the school year, as the artist with twins has already been seen at Vnukov-3 airport, and the private plane again took Prima Donna away from children to Israel, now, most likely, to meet. So, Liza and Harry will still have to learn Hebrew.

Apparently, Alla Borisovna did not have enough authority to whitewash her husband Maxim Galkin, who was recognized as a foreign agent, before the “beloved country”. Moreover, after her sharp statements on social networks about “the death of our guys for illusory goals that make our country an outcast” and a request to recognize her as a foreign agent, there were rumors that Pugachev might be checked for discrediting the Russian army.
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