Ди Каприо заподозрили в причастности к мошенничеству
The actor will have to respond to the allegations.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo: Instagram.com

Leonardo DiCaprio was involved in the trouble associated with money. This
times “under fire” charges were environmental activities of star for
which, I suspect, hides large-scale fraud. About it
said a competent source — the Hollywood Reporter.

2008, beloved actor his mother Irmelin acted as the founder of the Fund Leonardo
DiCaprio is a charitable non-profit organization that raises funds
for the protection of the environment. But later its status was changed to “donor-advised”, which translates as controlled
donors. And this form involves much less transparency before
tax and other regulatory authorities.

And here’s how
say informants, instead of having to use the raised funds for
environmental protection, the organizers of the Fund significant part of their use
for their own purposes. So, they throw expensive parties, often
turning into an Orgy, with the participation of invited persons of the female sex is not too
strict behaviour. Guests of such events without a twinge of conscience
use the services of private planes and helicopters just so,
example, dinner at a fancy restaurant. And all this after parties
the parties will watch a film about the detrimental impact of aviation to the environment! No wonder that Leo and his friends is not the first time accused of hypocrisy.

the Fund DiCaprio was linked to the dubious “shadow” Fund, located in
Malaysia. According to the Ministry of justice, one of the friends, Leo included
the Board — a Joe Lowe — only
recently removed from the accounts of the Foundation of the order of 11 million who went, including
to Finance another luxury parties in Las Vegas, which was attended
participation and DiCaprio himself. All in all, the Foundation of the actor is suspected of committing
illegal actions for the sum about 3 billion dollars!

recently, Leonardo got into another trouble when he was accused of
libel. The actor was charged with use of personal information obtained
illegally to create a film “the Wolf of wall Street,” where he was one of the producers.

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